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Hey. Happy Easter. Being human. The hardest part is to admit that in the end we are not, that we are spiritual beings, and there is a powerful struggle between what is God or good in us and then there's everything else with what we know and see and much of it we see as evil, (at its central core), wanting us to fall, fail, be afraid, feel lost, alone. Fuck. So then there’s this story about a guy, and to many many people he was nothing more, but his story for just a guy is arguably the most powerful story in the history of the earth, and believers, haters, hopefuls, not sure’s, atheists, Muslims, Jews, even Buddhists, it doesn’t matter, his story is the one story that almost every human on earth knows, the story of Jesus, and when you focus on the details of it, a most beautifully brutal unimaginable story, because he had the choice, he could have not been crucified, but he said no, I don’t care, bring it. And he knew because he had done so many incredible things, but he could not just put belief in our hearts, because the reality was that people say that they saw he could cure the sick, the palsied, the crippled, even the dead, but the fool he could not cure, and still he said go ahead, hang me, nail me through my palms and feet with rusty big nails to that cross. Give me your best shot. Because even for the fools Im going to take this end, I will writhe in suffering for hours and hours, and die the most horrible death, for all of you, for all your stupid, and sad, and lost, and bad, and even dark and evilest of choices. Im going to die for you so can know what the word forgiveness really means. And then Im going to rise up and see who’s still with me and are going to put their faith in me despite all the suffering that may bring them. Because I will have shown you the truth and the way to something light filled and a relief in your spirit to all that scares you. And today it was not just a rock he moved from a cave, and I just learned this recently, but a door that was designed by the most brilliant architects and engineers of the Roman day, the ones who built the Roman aqueducts and they were put to the task to create an impossible to open vault door on Jesus’s tomb. And either its true or its not, but the people of the day who were there swear that door opened. And that is the crux of Christian faith. Do you have the courage to believe beyond your ability to accept what seems impossible, implausible, and perhaps stupid even. So today the energy of hundreds of millions of us, we celebrate the strength we have between us all who chose to take on the improbable path of that belief, despite the logic of a rational mind, but instead in the formidable immeasurable faith of our God given hearts, in there somewhere we believe that he is still coming back, and sooner than later it has begun to feel. So happy Easter everyone. Of course, I’m just a kid from Alberta. What do I know?

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