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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

I just put out a series of emails that are in support of a project to tell the story of two deported teenagers to Mexico, one who made seriously stupid choices to be deported, the other did nothing wrong accept they came across the border illegally at age two with their mother.

Both deported they met in Mexico, fell for each other and lived a very messed up, heartbreaking impoverished drug addicted sex working existence together, one of them as a Transgender, the other not. Their relationship and the elements of the world they found themselves, decisions they made, finally led to both of them being murdered, one by the mafia out in the desert near Todos Santos, the other, Mylie, strangled and dumped in an empty lot in Nogales, on the Arizona border.

Their story is very much woven into the story of our or my American border story as well, a very real place where every day and night children are stolen, and not just for sex trafficking, but also for their organs. Every day mountain loads of drugs that America is purchasing for mountain size piles of money, cross that border, which funds the Mexican cartels ability to have more power and influence than the actual government of Mexico.

I am a filmmaker, who´s agenda is based on my faith, which is embroidered clearly on a hat, which is for sale at my online store, a store I created for funding my filmmaking so that I might have the freedom to create films uninfluenced by the agendas of others.

´Defend the weak, the poor, and the fatherless, Maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy. Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.´

Psalm 82:3

I cannot ignore any story that has overwhelming evidence that children are being consumed by the ravenous lusts and appetites of emotionally corrupt people with no sense of consequence, and not have to do something about it.

Am I a sociopath as I have been called because I took on this story. I could be but that's not my call. I do know that no matter what is my problem, or my many problems, I find no pleasure in seeing others suffer. To see someone suffering, especially a kid, it makes me so uncomfortable, that i will do everything I can, including risking my own life, literally, in the moment, to stop whatever it is or whoever it is creating that child´s suffering.

I have no delusions that guide my actions like someone who can do terrible things to a child does. Nothing in me allows me to believe a 12 year old kid has the emotional or mental ability to navigate a for real physical sexual experience with a full grown adult and embraces it as something beautiful. The reality of that thought affects me with such an adversity that I can't not do something about it.

I believe that anyone who will allow themselves to pursue or have sex with a child is not only a grave threat to that child's life and health on every level, but they are a threat to our society and the well being of my family as well.

This kind of person who has this kind of mental chemistry going on who can pay money to rape a child and actually believe the child is sharing an experience of equal desire with them, should be considered as dangerous to our future as we consider anyone who plants bombs at crowded events. They should be on the same threat level as terrorists.

I don't have a hate for these people, because they aren't aware of their emotional and spiritually corrupt nature, but that's also not my problem, they are still a direct threat to our lives and my family, I believe, more than any Coronavirus ever will be.

I also do not believe that it is ok to kill or physically attack Transgender people because they are Transgender. I don´t understand what it means to be Transgender, there are things about that reality that I cannot wrap my head around, but no matter what I think, I don't think that burning people to death because of their differences is even a debate to be acceptable. It is horribly wrong.

The film TRANS that Jonathon brought to me as an idea for a movie I embraced for every reason I saw as relevant to our collective human experience, and so I put it out there to the world knowing how controversial it would be. The story though has pathos and conflicts that are the elements of any great story, but even more so, the issues these elements represent are also of most import for us as society to try and get a grip on.

Its heartbreaking, the story of Johnny, his life from the day he was snuck across our border as a four year old, to the day he was deported, all the way to him meeting Mylie, the confusion in his heart over Mylie, and then ultimately what led to his murder, I believe what makes it so heartbreaking is relevant to our human story, and somehow an important story to share. There is a benefit to our culture to understand the many different elements to the story of these two kids.

I am writing this in response to the first hate mail I have received which was a confusing letter, somehow the author of it has confused my role as a filmmaker with someone who is Transgender for one, or wants to be Transgender. They also look at life with very broad brush stroke conspiracy like theories which I find irrelevant.

´this may be a huge success for you because the gay and trans people are being pushed by our society to glorify trans and the whole lgbtq movement which is very trendy and in these days. I think the lgbtq organization has pedophilia at its core motive because of the person who established this organization is a known pedophile, so I think you should seek mental health help instead of becoming Trans´

Im not gonna argue that I should seek mental health help. I'm thinking we should all be open to any help that may ease our suffering, and I suffer, that's for sure. And maybe that paragraph could be the foundation of what makes up a character we could explore in our film. Because I'm not here to direct a narrative to support my own agenda, I want to understand what is really going on and then share what I find if it is profound and important to do it.

Im pretty clear about my agenda and it has nothing to do with suppressing people or forcing them to be something or not. Mine is to protect kids in this world from predators of every kind, and to tell relevant and important stories of our times with every tool that my talent and developed abilities give me.

I will just leave it at that.

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